The Student Representative Council (S. R. C.) has been of great help in the administration of the school since its inception 34 years ago.  It has successfully sought the welfare of both students and  authorities.

This has been the major channel through students present their grievances to the administration and it is worth noting that the council has contributed in diverse ways to the cordiality existing between the student body and the administration.

It is remarkable to say that through the instrumentality of this council, this school stands among the few institutions in the country which have never gone on a violent demonstration, a clear testimony of the prevailing understanding between students and authorities. 

Apart from its main aim of constituting the mouthpiece of the student body which it has done to perfection, it has also chalked other successes.  These include the presentation of twenty-thousand cedis (¢20,000.00) this year to the school football team, a musical wall clock to the staff, a microphone for the school and a total amount of ¢60,000 (sixty thousand cedis) to bereaved students who lost either of their parents during the academic year 1995/96.

The council hopes to improve upon the existing peaceful relationship between students and the school authorities and also help in other things that will be within their reach.