• START: December 4, 2016
  • DURATION: 2 weeks
  • events
  • School Awarded STAFF who keenly contributed towards the High School Debate VICTORY

On Monday 29th October the school officially awarded STAFF who keenly contributed towards the VICTORY.

These awesome presentations were done at the Headmaster's Office

Their names and roles are below

Fidelis Acquaah Harrison (HEAD of Languages Department)
Michael Tizee (PATRON of the Debaters Club)
Yayra Goka (a KEY Trainer)
Robert Ossman Ennu-Dadzie (a KEY Trainer)
Papa Lensah (a Trainer)
Prince Teddy (SUPPORTING Staff, ICT)
Frank Dofour (SUPPORTING Staff, ICT)
Madam Asaana (SUPPORTING Staff, Caterer)
Esi Sampene Gambrah (SUPPORTING Staff, Caterer)

We commend, recognize and appreciate your respective CONTRIBUTIONS towards this success.

May God bless you all.